City Council Vote

January 19, 2016 at 6:30 pm
City of Charlotte voted unanimously to approve The Colony redevelopment plans. Thank you to all neighbors and elected officials for your support!

The Colony Redevelopment

As part of long-term strategic planning for this property we've owned since 1976, we have rezoned the site for a mix of up to 990 new multi-family residences, up to 225 hotel rooms, up to 300,000 SF of retail, and up to 250,000 SF of office. This mix of uses allows residents to have a place to live within walking distance of their workplace and convenient shopping at The Colony, and around the SouthPark area.

The higher density buildings and commercial component will be concentrated along Sharon and Colony Roads. The north side of the site towards Roxborough will see the lower-density residential buildings developed in three phases. For more information, visit our FAQ page.

The earliest construction will occur is 3Q 2019,
The second phase would include (based on market dynamics and demand) the office building, additional multi-family for-sale or rental units and the small hotel.
Additional rental or for-sale residential units will be evaluated in later phases. In the meantime, that parcel will remain open space.

Additional residential units will be evaluated in phases. We envision a redevelopment of this scale would take place over a period of 5-6 years. 
The Colony Synco Redevelopment SouthPark Charlotte, North Carolina

Potential Timeline

  • JANUARY 19, 2016

    City Council Approval
  • 2016 THROUGH 2018

  • 2ND HALF 2019

    construction begins
  • 2021

    retail and residential opening
  • multi-family-colony-bbm-charlotte-View2

Improvements on Colony Median

The development team proposed a makeover entirely at developer’s expense to key medians that now serve as ditches on Colony near Runnymede incorporating trees, shrubs, rebuilt stone headwalls, pedestrian refuge islands, etc. and the developer will agree to maintain those far above the City’s standard maintenance requirements.

Development Team Professionals

Property Owner/Colony Apartment Manager/
Multi-Family Developer

Tim Hose: President and CEO
Jennings Snider: CFO
Jud Little: Developer

Synco Properties has been in business since 1971 and currently owns or operates 4,000 multifamily units in 23 properties across the Carolinas. Led by industry veteran Tim Hose (at the company since 1983 and an owner), they are a closely-held business and have owned and operated The Colony since 1976. Synco led the rezoning. In fact, Tim Hose stated he intends to live in The Colony in the future, which takes long-term ownership and stewardship of the land to a new level.

Commercial Component Developer

Bradley Schlosser: President
Rick Duggan: Director, Design and Construction

Schlosser Development Corporation, based in Austin, Texas, is leading the development of the commercial portion of the property. They also are a closely-held company and are nationally recognized for their retail and mixed-use developments. They developed many mixed-use projects in Texas and other states. They currently own 3.5 million square feet of retail and office space.

Site Designer/Landscape Architect/Civil Engineer

Nate Doolittle: Partner
Shaun Tooley: Senior Associate

Residential Architects

Tripp Beacham: Principal
Roger Manley: Principal

Commercial Architects

Brad Nelsen: President
Carson Nelsen: Architect

Land Use Counsel

Collin Brown: Partner
Bailey Patrick, Jr.: Partner
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